These are the most functional everyday bags. They vary in size but are generally large enough to hold all your bare necessities. They are available in different textiles and colors. Every brand has its unique style of shoulder bags which is difficult to resist buying. Some Brands or companies are providing different styles and quality. This bag is also in leather and or cotton fabric.


The crossbody bag or sling bag is a single strap bag, typically smaller than a shoulder bag. It comes in different sizes. It is very functional comfortable and stylish. It is perfect for shopping, social events, traveling, or any scenario where you want to keep your essentials with you because it allows you to go hands-free. If you want to free yourself from taking your phones and hand-carrying small things this is the perfect choice for you. Check out our leather crossbody bags.

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Satchel bags are perfect for working women. This functions as an everyday handbag ladies bags as well as a laptop bag. With this, you don’t need to carry two bags. It resembles a briefcase that can fit all your basic needs and your gadgets. In most satchel bags there is a place holder for your laptop and your necessary files. It is mainly of leather quality so you don’t need to worry about quality. You can also use it in rain it is waterproof. It also has a long shoulder strap. Every brand has these bags in different colors, quality, sizes, and shapes. This bag will fulfill both the things your need and fashion.


A tote bag is a large, single compartment bag that is very functional for your everyday haul. Its bigger size makes it perfect for transporting and as a plastic bag for daily shopping. They are very popular because of their various uses. You can carry them for shopping or when you are hitting the beach. Its bigger size makes it easy to throw items in it and take them out while on the move. The tote bag has two straps. It makes quick access to items placed in it. It comes in casual fabric such as canvas or nylon as well as high-quality leather. Whether the function or functionality, the tote bag is a convenient bag for any purpose. 


The clutch is simply classy, elegant, and pure sophistication because we cannot sport a huge bag when we are all dressed up for an event. The only problem some people have is not being able to decide what to carry and what to leave out but, it’s worth it. Clutch bags are the perfect design for parties, gatherings, and casual weekends. This ladies bags comes in different colors and styles. The small sling or strap design is unique in every brand. Some brands are using chain strap which looks very classy. Some brands offer clutches with compartments and thus give you more space than the normal ones.

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clutch bags
clutch bags


Hobo is a large shoulder-style bag but is not as wide. The crescent shape makes the bag equal parts formal and casual. If you are bored with your regular totes and shoulder bags, pick up the Hobo. It’s a timeless, fashion option for many scenarios, including casual weekends, travel, or an evening out with friends. The hobo bag is made of leather, linen, artificial leather, or some other soft fabric. Hobo bags are made out of soft, flexible materials that tend to slouch when set down.


It’s small, discreet, and the perfect size bag. These ladies bags or purses are so much more functional and comfortable to carry. you can carry it on the wrist and be palms free. They have enough space to hold your card, cash, and phone. These bags have a strap designed like bracelets. These are very popular purses among teenagers. This will carry your currency, keys, cards, and phone. Coach and Louis Vuitton have some fancy and elegant-looking wristlets. 

ladies bags
ladies bags